Aryan Brotherhood Saved A Brother

Green Is The Only Color

Timothy Kincaid


Photo by Dami Adebayo on Unsplash

It’s midnight in my hood. I’m at my apartment anxiously awaiting my old Spindale Elementary classmate, TJ.

Once a month, he stops by to trade 3 ounces of Crystal Meth for an ounce of heroin.

Tonight will be the last I will see of him for 24 months. He violated his parole with the Feds.

He is to report to The County Detention Center by noon tomorrow.

“What up Colonel Klink?”

“Fuck you, Black Man.”

Colonel Klink is an inside joke we share. TJ had to join the Aryan Brotherhood or AB’s when he went to prison.

It was for his own protection. TJ stood 5 feet nothing, and a buck twenty-five soaking wet.

The only good thing about the Neo Nazi assholes. They have the best Crystal Meth this side of the Mississippi.

We give each other a pound and a hug.

“Who do we have here?” I asked.

“This Amy Lynn. Say hello.”


“Damn my nigga, why every redneck white girl name Amy?” I asked.

“Excuse me, I ain’t no redneck.”

“Sorry, boo, I take that back. From the looks of your fine ass, you look like a porn star.”

“Close, my brother. She’s a featured stripper at the Cheetah Lounge in Charlotte.” TJ said.

Amy twerks her fabulous fanny up and down; down and up. All the way to the floor.

I pull out a wad of cash and make it rain on the dirty dancer.

We admire the Pawg (Phat Ass White Girl) for a few moments.

“Ok lil homie, walk with me.” I said.

We go to my back bedroom closet.

“The dog food (heroin) I’m working with, come straight from the fucking Taliban. I call this shit Black Death.”

“I packaged you up 3 zips of Miralax to cut it. “

“Fuck that, Kade. I don’t cut shit.”

“Listen Billy bad ass, if you don’t cut this shit, you will wake up dead. Worse than that, you might kill off your Aryan brothers and y’alls customers…



Timothy Kincaid

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