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Twin Flames

A Demonic Love Affair

Timothy Kincaid
5 min readNov 27, 2023


Sydney is the virgin bride Opius has been praying for Satan to deliver. His father came through with flying colors. She is now under the spell of the Devil’s Spawn.

The Incubus has yet to penetrate her fresh unburdened flower with his manhood. Opius plans to drive her mad with erotic desires. When the time comes to consummate his gift she will forever be his wife.

“Opius, I need you to feel inside my womb.”

Sydney rubs her love vessel, parting the lips, and spreading her flower.

“My wetness runs a mess down both thighs. The touch of your firm lips sends chills throughout my body. “Please ravage me, my King.”

“My Love you are what I’ve been searching for all these many moons. Almost giving up on the thought that you even existed in this evil world. However, before our coronation, I must confess that I’m a bit more than a mere mortal.”

“Yes, I realize you are something cosmic, too good for this world. I have never felt this way about any other except my twin sister. Even her pull isn’t as strong as the longing I already possess for you, my Lord.”

“Now it all makes sense because I’ve literally touched hundreds of feminine frames and never felt such a strong sensation as when we accidentally bumped into one another. It was not one but two virgins drawing me to you. Your twin flame.” Opius said.

“We lived at The Sisters Of Christ Convent. It doubles as an orphanage. My sister and I have resided there for most of our lives since the death of our parents. We used our inheritance and secured this waterfront apartment.”

She continues.

“We attend the University here in Annapolis after finally attaining our wings.”

“My Love you are an angel here on earth but whatever do you mean attaining your wings.”

Sydney laughs.

“Our parents will couldn’t take effect until we turned eighteen. That was three years ago. We had aged out of the orphanage, however, our Mother Superior was tormented at the thought of us leaving the Convent.”

Sydney continues.



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