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Trap House Nightmares


Timothy Kincaid
3 min readNov 26, 2022


The preacher man says: God will never give a person more than they can handle. Well, I say there ain’t no God. What God could leave a little boy trapped inside this roach-infested Trap House. The after life can’t be no worse than this Ghetto Hell I’m livin here on earth. Kade.

Fuck the Jesus they teach you about in church. The motherfucker you suppose to confess your sins and he will come save ya. When I needed saving didn’t see Jesus. Kade is my Lord and Savior, where it counts the most, here on earth. He saved me not Jesus. Kia

Webster describes a Trap House as a place where illicit drugs are sold. The cocksucker leaves out the part about the little girls who grow up inside the hell whole, being left with a thousand emotional cuts that will never totally heal.

The Trap House is what all the good neighborhood Christians whisper about. However, none of those do-gooder assholes report what they see to Social Services, they don’t even care that a little boy lives there in terror.

These are Kia & Kade’s real-life stories. Not some made-for-TV, After School Special, Netflix streaming bullshit. The dark-hearted tales all you white picket fence living, Rednecks & Boujee Blacks, Conservative-Liberals, Save a Tree, Pussies and Dicks refuse to see. Kia and Kade will reveal it all.

Ain’t no winners in these Trap House Tales, just victims and survivors. Kade & Kia started out as victims. Always afraid of who or what was coming through their bedroom door. Until the day fear gave way to rage. The only way to survive. The only way to end up Survivors.

Kade is a 14-year-old 6 foot 3 man-child, capable of saving his only love and killing her tormentor. Kia, his 14-year-old gorgeous girlfriend, saved her man from his molester as well. Willing to die for his love.

The Trap House inadvertently transforms these inhabitants into the very thing that will cause its total destruction. Hedonist heathens seething, unafraid to walk into the darkness.


Never knew my father. Never heard my mother say: I love you. Never felt safe since I was able to feel. Never thought about the future. Never wanted to live. Not until I saw her. Not until I touched and…



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