The Mystery Coed In The Shower

She’s hotter than Madonna and Sheila E.

Timothy Kincaid


Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash

“I’m jumping in the shower.”

“Ok, Boo.”

I watch her exit; my goodness, all that jelly, and no toast. I’m not showering. I plan on taking her dried fluids and smells with me to class.

I slide on my GameDay Tiger Orange warm-up suit. I add a white tee under the jacket and our sponsors’ Converse Weapons.

I’m in the kitchen pouring a glass of OJ, trying to replenish all the fluids lost last night during our numerous sexual sessions. K-nice and Money walk in.

“Yo Kade, you ready to walk to the Training Table.”

“Yes, give me a sec.”

“Close the door and come in. Y’all ain’t gonna believe who’s in the shower.”

“Madonna,” K-nice said.

“Sheila E.” Money chimes in.

“Ha Ha assholes, she is hotter than both dem bitches.”

“Oh Hell.” They respond and dap each other up.

“She’s the hottest sista, red beans and rice didn’t miss her, on campus.”

“Damn my nigga, I thought you only did white girls,” K-nice says.

“See you don’t pay attention, I love chocolate just as much as vanilla. Watch this.”

“Hey Boo, is the water hot enough for you.”

“Yes, sweetie. Thanks for asking.”

“I will see you after class,” I reply.

“Wait, come give me a goodbye kiss.”

I walk out of the bathroom, pick up my book bag off the couch and head out the door.

“Who the fuck is she?” Money asked.

I ignore him and continue outside. My mates finally catch up.

“Stephanie what’s her face, is the sexiest black hottie on the yard,” Money says breathlessly. “But she has a boyfriend, that asshole never lets her out of his sight.”

“Steph and I go back to freshman year. Y’all knuckleheads were in JUCO. K-nice you were in LA. Money, you were still in the Bronx.”

“Bullshit. K-nice says. That’s why he ran out so fast.”



Timothy Kincaid

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