Tantalizing Tiger Belle

Timothy Kincaid
7 min readNov 21, 2022

Tasting Her Milk & Cookies

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An ordinary Monday night had me exiting the Team Cafeteria around 9:30 pm. I hurry to make a couple of roast beef sandwiches and grab a handful of cookies that I stuff in my bookbag. For a late-night snack.

I walk out to the cool night air listening to my walkman and spy a familiar figure sitting on one of the picnic tables used for outside dining. It’s Steph, the Head Tiger Belle extraordinaire.

She is so gorgeous, my mates and I have a nickname for Miss Stephanie. The Unicorn. The reason is because of her unique beauty. She is of mixed race. Black mom and a white dad.

Dirty blonde curly locks, sun-kissed always glowing skin, emerald bluish green eyes, a perfectly plump booty, and thighs to make your Peter rise.

Tiger Belles are hostesses for football and basketball teams, their primary role includes showing new recruits around campus when they come for official visits. In addition, provide inspirational cards, balloons, chocolates, and other treats for their designated player on game day, they are the beautiful faces of Clemson revenue-generating sports.

Also, they are a part of my campus's forbidden flowers. I have a No Fraternization Rule to follow due to the incident with the Preacher’s Wife.

But I digress.

At first blush, I think she must be a beautiful mirage I’m imagining in the middle of a dark, desolate Clemson evening. However, this beautiful fantasy becomes my reality.

“Hi, Kade.”

“Hey darlin, what are you doing out here all alone?” I asked.

“Waiting on you.”

I’m totally surprised. Her man never lets her wander around alone, especially with big game hunters prowling. I’ve been secretly pursuing this elusive unicorn since freshman year.

But I digress. I give her a hug, the Tantalizing Tiger Belle squeezes tighter and longer than usual.

“Is everything Ok?” I asked.

Her eyes well up with tears.

“What’s up with you girlfriend?”

She finally responds.

“Do you have weed?”



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