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Psychedelic Mushroom Trip

Dream or Reality


We landed in Jamaica at The Hedonism Resort after staying a week in Amsterdam. I smuggle and place the Amsterdam drugs where the sun doesn’t shine. My mates and I eat psychedelic mushrooms instead of dinner.

I walk out of our beachfront villa to a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors: white sand and tropical waters marry an orange-blue horizon and the setting sun. The ambiance engulfs me in a vortex of personal nirvana.

My senses flow between heightened degrees of extreme out-of-control consciousness and back down to an essence of safe warm calmness.

The ocean waves sing a solo for thine ears only. The hair on my arms stands erect as cold chills invade my bloodstream. I continue walking towards the sound when I see her — the source of the mind-altering melody.

The sensuous siren sings a ballad that I cannot decipher in its lyrical language. However, her delivery conveys the universal emotion of erotic desire.

“Are you for real or a mirage of my imagination?”

“I’m as real as the sweet taste of virgin lips or the ocean breeze tossing my golden locks. I’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival, sent to transform your wildest dream into mind-blowing reality.”

“Oh wow. I knew this resort was the right call to end our Hedonistic Sexcation. Come on little darling let’s get this party started. By the way, I’m Kade and you are?”

“Call me Lilith.”

“Cool, Lilith seems so formal, I’m gonna call you Lilly. Lilly, where you from sweetheart?”

“I’m from an ancient city by the sea,” she says in broken English.

“Hell yeah, girlfriend. I’m from a city in the foothills of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains.”

After munching on more shrooms and washing them down with shots of Yeager. Lilly mounts me in record time burying her face in my neck.

She is biting and sucking; sucking and biting like a hungry lioness who hasn’t fed in weeks. I’m screaming like a virgin bambi being slaughtered in her sexual den.

The sexy siren is pumping and grinding so hard that I fear disappointing and dropping my load too soon. She gravitates…



Timothy Kincaid

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