Going To Heaven Without Dying

My Secret Love

Timothy Kincaid


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I have gone to heaven without having to die. RS Central High School is paradise. I’ve been waiting my entire life for this first day. They assemble us freshmen in the auditorium.

There is only one freshmen coed I’m anxiously waiting to see. I’ve missed her. Breeland spends the summer at her parents’ Myrtle Beach house. I’m standing in the aisle with my two homies looking at all the talent.

She walks into the auditorium looking lost. I immediately break away from my mates.

She has gotten more gorgeous over the summer than I remember. Breeland glistens as if she is under a spotlight. My secret Love looks every bit the Myrtle Beach Babe.

Her golden locks and bronze skin separate her from all the other beauties assembled. She is a vision of loveliness in a sleeveless baby blue silk blouse that matches her eyes.

I wave. Bree offers a smile that makes my heart skip a beat. I want to walk to her personal space, place some of her hair behind her ear. Softly caress her nape. Whisper, I missed you.

Gently pressing my lips against hers, waiting for her tongue and savoring every bit of her saliva. Show her everything I learned over the summer from Miss Tonya. But not just yet. First, I’ve got to figure out how to say; I love you.

“Hey there, pretty girl.”

“Hey there, beautiful boy.”

I’ve matured so I don’t take the bait about the beautiful thing. I reach for her hand to shake.

“Give me a hug.”

Bree smells so good. I release from her hug.

“Wow, you smell delicious. You’re making me hungry.”

“It’s called Passion. I hid it from my sister before she went off to Carolina.”

“So now you really are the baby of the house with your sissy away.”

“Ha Ha Timmy, well maybe now you can come visit when my parents go to Lake Lure for the weekend.”

“I will be happy to make sure no one breaks into your house trying to hurt you.”

“So you’re going to be my protector?”



Timothy Kincaid

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