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My Last Relapse

A Series Of Self-Destruction

Timothy Kincaid
5 min readDec 3, 2023


This series is loaded with triggers. Stop right now. Otherwise, read at the risk of your sobriety. These are the stories of a drug addicted sex addict.

After going to rehab on numerous occasions I finally concluded that recovery is nothing more than a fantasy. A freaking money grab selling a pipe dream.

The only pipe I need is filled with weed coke or meth. I will not make it til the end. You can read firsthand why this in fact will be My Last Relapse.

Part One: First Day Out Of Rehab

I pull up to the back alley where the group of street hookers hangs out. When she eyes my blood-red Chrysler 300 the slut’s eyes light up. The freaky girl understands she is about to get high, get paid, and get fucked.

Nikki is a snow bunny relatively new to the Ho Stroll. We had been popping pills and pussy up until my court-ordered rehab. Nikki says she was a mom and housewife who abandoned both her husband and son soon after becoming addicted to painkillers.

The sexy siren dons a blood-red top, a short black spandex skirt that falls just below her fabulous fannie with thigh-high red leather boots. Her bleached blonde locks and bouncy boobies make her stand out among the other drug-addicted whores.

Nikki makes a beeline to my car before any of the other hookers have a chance to put their bid in. She’s inside my car in a blink of an eye.

“Hey, Stack. I’m so glad you are here. I need something bad.”

“Boo, I got everything you need. I need to taste your delicious tongue.”

Nikki slides closer and offers her delectable mouth. We passionately kiss. I remove my mouth, pull out the Percs, and shake the bottle.

“Baby the way you shake that bottle is the way I’m gonna be shaking my ass and popping my pussy for you Daddy. Matter of fact, let me taste your cock before we go to your Trap House.” She said.

The hungry honey has my pants unbuckled and licking my member in record time. I recline the seat back taking my right hand and palming her phat ass while she gags coughs spits and sucks.



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