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My Last Relapse

The Rehab Babe


It’s been six months into my new life as a drug-addicted sex addict dope dealing son of a gun. I’m charged with possession of a small amount of cocaine. My lawyer negotiated a plea of community service and no jail time. The bad thing about the deal is I now have a Probation Officer.

I am two days away from meeting my PO. He informed me that if I didn’t pass this drug test he would place me in the County Jail for a three-day dip.

Since I require at least a half gram of heroin daily so as not to get sick, there is no way I’m passing a drug test. My only option is to call the Crisis Hotline. This experience would propel me to My Last Relapse.

Sex At Rehab

The Crisis Hotline service is used to get an immediate check-in at the nearest Rehab Center to detox. I couldn’t imagine spending three days in County Jail detoxing. Those motherfuckers just let you lie in your cell to suffer.

I think ahead not trusting what the facility uses to help you detox from Heroin. I call Pastor Greg, my best customer, and leader of Mount Nebo Baptist Church. The good preacher purchases $100 of Meth from me every day.

The call isn’t for prayer but for Suboxone Strips. Sometimes he trades his Strips for Meth. Thank you, Jesus. He drops off 10 strips. Since the detox is…



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