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My Last Relapse

Riding The White Horse

Timothy Kincaid
4 min readDec 4, 2023


This series is loaded with triggers. Stop right now. Otherwise, read at the risk of your sobriety. These are the stories of a drug addicted sex addict.

I leave my Perc Princess passed out in the back bedroom of my Trap House off Ledbetter Road. I have an early appointment. It’s been a little over three months since my transformation from a legitimate Corporate Account Executive to an illegitimate Dope Dealer.

I convinced myself after going through painful painkiller withdrawals that I would never go through that torture again. I use my extensive drug contacts established from twenty years of being a high-functioning addict to become a high-end dope peddler.

What real drug dealer doesn’t have a tattoo? So with the recommendation from my Plug, I arrive at Amber’s parlor for my first tattoo. She is known as a Tattoo Goddess for her amazing work. Little did I know that my heroin cherry was only hours away from being popped.

A beautiful woman can convince me to do almost anything against my better judgment. Amber was by far the sexiest Tattoo Artist I had ever met. All be it the only tattooist I ever met.

Her laid-back demeanor, soft-spoken voice, and dreamy eyes had me mesmerized. Amber informed me that she does her best work while high. Heroin is her drug of choice.

“Do you shoot it or sniff it?” I asked.

“Both, however, when I’m working I sniff.” She said.

“I’ve tried almost every drug except heroin.”

“Babe, if you’re buying, we can score some righteous shit. My dealer is only a call away.”

“I’ve got a couple of hundy’s for a nice bag of H,” I said.

“Babe, you’re getting my panties wet from the anticipation. Damn, my hands are shaking. As soon as I finish you up I will make the call.”

There is something innately intimate when it comes to receiving a tattoo. This gorgeous creature hovers over me while giving the most detailed likeness of a tiger on my chest.

Amber’s short-shaven white pixie locks and pale sharp facial features are something you don’t see every day. She is albino-like. Sweat beads puddle on her brow and glisten under…



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