My First Grade Love

Timothy Kincaid


Blue eyed beautiful blonde girl with her chin in her hand.
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The time is nearing for me to meet my destiny. I’ve felt responsible for her since 1st grade after Curtis pushed her down. I made sure Karma took care of him.

And held her hand while she cried and we waited for Miss Metcalf to bring the 1st aid kit. Now, nearly a decade later, I’m on the cusp of a lifetime commitment to her. I will be my Love’s first.

I walk to her granny’s carrying a single rose, a homemade card, and a perfume box filled with chocolates all tied together. As I turn the corner to her granny’s driveway, she is waiting under the carport.

My Life looks like a Pre Madonna beauty, who doesn’t appear to be turning 15. On the surface, at first blush, she could be mistaken for a 20-year-old Cougar.

However, as she skips into my personal space, only a 15-year-old could be so carefree and unassuming, yet be jaded by heartache and pain. My Air’s unguarded unpretentiousness of sweet love and vulnerability reveals her youth.

She smells of Passion which her tender kisses display.

“Hey there my Romeo.What do you have in your hand?”

“Gifts for my birthday girl.”

“Aww thank you.” She gives a peck on my check.

“I have a surprise.”

She takes my hand. I follow her to the back of her granny’s farmhouse through a narrow path. the moonlight helps to light up the dark path to the old barn.

“Baby, I’m scared.” I say.

“Just keep holding my hand.”

I help her with the barn door, she pulls a string and the barn lights up. There are bales of hay filling most of the space.

We go to a ladder at the back, and climb up a few rungs. I allow my love to go first. Her face is beaming.

I’m unable to stand up straight for fear I will bump my head on one of the wooden beams.

“What do you think?” She asks.

“Wow, cool. It’s more beautiful than I could ever imagine from the outside.”

It’s a loft with hay laid throughout the space, thick white blankets covering the hay. She has Christmas lights that light up the darkened space and bails…



Timothy Kincaid

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