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Midnight Visitor

A Baddie Gets Blacked


Brenda was a super fine poor little rich girl who loved getting high, fucking, and being the center of attention. She came knocking just after midnight.

My homies and I are in full gangsta mode after watching Mike Tyson knock out some tomato can in the first minute of the first round.

I wasted $50 on the Pay-Per-View. I’m not in the best of moods when I hear heavy-handed knocking like the Police. We have enough drugs out to send us up the river for 5 to 10 years.

The room went from as loud as a club on New Year’s Eve to as quiet as an old abandoned cemetery at 2 a.m. The homies all scramble to put the drugs away. My heart is racing. I take a deep breath and look through the peephole.

“Brenda, get your crazy ass in here girl. Why the fuck are you knocking like the Police?”

“Sorry babe, you guys were so loud and I needed to be heard.”

“I hear you Boo, come let me taste dem lips you bad ass bitch.”

She offers up her delicious mouth. The fellas proceed to argue and complain about the Tyson fight ignoring the baddie at the door.

“What you need?” I ask.

“My girls flaked out on me while out clubbing and I didn’t want to go home. So, my sexy friend, I took a chance to come to Ledbetter Road. I was hoping you were home. Babe, I came to see if you wanted to get high and fuck.”

“Damn girl you can’t call a nigga and give a little heads up.”

“I didn’t want you to blow me off and say no. Once you got a look at my phat ass and juicy mouth, the only thang you gonna say is Yes Brenda Yes.”

Brenda twirls around giving a 360-degree view of her gorgeous body. The bad girl is all in black. The perfect outfit to get Blacked.

I take her hand and lead her to my master suite.

“Hey boys,” Brenda says as she twists her hips down the hallway. The boys stop and stare with their mouths agate. We make it to my room.

“Allow me to freshen up for you Daddy.”

“Here Boo, take this package and get fucked up. I plan on feeding you to the boys or should I say feeding the boys to you.”



Timothy Kincaid

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