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Lipstick Lessons

Surprise Born Day Present


I never had a birthday party growing up and honestly, birthdays were the worst days. I remember many years of not realizing or remembering my birthday until it was over days later.

My half-hundy birthday is approaching and my newly minted Hotwife wanted to do something to make it memorable.

In the past we would book a room at the downtown Hilton, hit a couple of clubs, come back to the room, and fuck like teenagers.

We return to our suite after bumping and grinding at Club Menage. I had no idea that tonight’s Lipstick Lesson would be life-changing.

We feverishly kiss, swapping spit, tonguing each other as I try and make the key card work.

“Baby, before we go in I got a couple of prizes for you inside.”

“Darlin, you are the best birthday present I will ever need.”

“I know but you don’t turn 50 every day. You make me so happy. I want your fiftieth time around the sun to be filled with enough delicious sex and debauchery that 50 years from now you will still remember.”

“Damn Boo, you got me a little scared,” I reply.

She takes the key card and slides it perfectly making the door click open.

I slowly walk behind my wife into the darkened room. As my eyes adjust to the lighting. I gaze upon the most magnificent ass cheeks I had ever witnessed. They attach to a smoking hot babe not of this world.

My wife invades the mystery babe’s personal space slapping her phat ass and kissing using her delicious tongue.

“What do you think? She is bought and paid for?”

My voice doesn’t work but I’m able to shake my head in the affirmative. My Love directs me to the Lazy Boy in the corner.

“Sit back and relax. Anna is the first part and I will be right back with the second.”

My Boo Thang returns with a bowl of blue pills wearing a blue push-up bra and thong panties. The vixen takes a seat on my lap and places one of the pills in my mouth and hers.

Cassie goes to Anna’s hungry mouth and delicately places the pill on her tongue.



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