Her 30 Soft Kisses

My First Night In Love

Timothy Kincaid


Photo by Gama. Films on Unsplash

Dee and I would meet almost every night in the summer. The only thing that would keep us apart was Mother Nature. The summer storms would turn my dirt court into a muddy mess.

A few times I would shoot my free throws waiting for her to come, but she was a no-show. Dee would apologize profusely.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t hold my eyes open and when I awoke, it was daylight.” She said.

“I understand, but it’s so lonely out here without you. Your presence provides a blanket of protection against my fear of loneliness. I kept shooting, hoping you would come. I became so distracted I could never make over 30 in a row.”

“That’s so sweet. 30 will be our number. Tonight, let’s take a break from basketball. To make up for my neglect, I offer 30 soft kisses just for you.”

This would be the first time my first love, basketball, would take a backseat to a beautiful female humanoid.

She went into her uncle’s apartment and changed out of her Cabbage Patch pajamas. Dee returned wearing the same white shorty short jumper when I first laid eyes on her crossing the lawn.

She approaches, carrying a big red and black blanket. We laid it out on the grass beside the vacant end unit.

We sit Indian style facing one another. She let her hair down, her silky locks falling to her shoulders. The stars fill the night sky, illuminating her angelic countenance.

Dee’s green eyes stare so deep, it’s as though she is peeking into my soul. A soul she holds until the end of time.

When her soft, dainty fingers hold my face, we kiss with lips only. Instinctively, she offers her tongue. My beautiful baller tastes of fresh peppermints. I give her mine. We kiss for hours.

Dee was on top of me, kissing. I was on top of her. We kissed each other’s neck, arms, hands, cheeks, and forehead. As the sun rose, I knew time was running short.

I had to go back inside my apartment because my parents would be up soon for work.

Before we exit, my love speaks.

“I will be out of town a few weeks, but I will be back at the start of the school year. Save those…



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