Fiction Writers There Is Hope: APRIL $703.20 MAY $737.72 EARNINGS

Timothy Kincaid
3 min readJun 14, 2022
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Yes, another earnings post. I was reluctant to write, but I thought this could serve as inspiration for one of my fellow Fiction Writers.

Although I’ve seen numerous such post from various content creators. You rarely see Fiction Writer’s pontificate on the subject.

The reason is Medium never shows us love. As a Top Writer of Fiction, the majority of my fellow top guns write Erotica.

Medium has several tags under Erotica but none comes with a Top Writer Medal.

Check out my earnings for May and April.

Screen Shot by Author

It reads: May $737.72 and April $703.20. A huge departure from March’s $240.06. I thought Medium had mistaken my account for Zulie Rane or my namesake Tim Denning.

By the way, I just learned how to tag other writers. Just use the @ before their names. I’ve always wanted to be a name dropper. Feels awesome.

But I digress.

So what changed? I have no idea. Maybe the Almighty Algorithm went to see The Great Oz and received a heart. A heart for writer’s who create characters that are heartless.



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