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Demonic Lovers

A Succubi & Incubus Affair


Lilith wasn’t a psychedelic dream but my new reality. She was a dark angel that I would come to learn is a Succubi. They can turn their lovers into demons or Incubi.

Lilith, the Succubi, created my insatiable hunger at the Hedonism Resort. The love I possess for the feminine started at birth as I gaze upon thine mother’s eyes.

However, Lilith is now the only Mother I serve as I embark on a new beginning to my eternal journey. The natural love I have for women has transformed into a burning devious lust of demonic desires.

My Queen Succubus needs the semen of men for her very survival. I thirst for the vaginal wetness of the feminine for my existence. Most nights we work in tandem, however tonight I work alone.

I call ahead to inform my Queen of my pending arrival chock-full of built-up semen for her to feed.

The dalliance with Chi Omega sorority pledges hours earlier and my refusal to unload in, on, or around the fearsome foursome has me fiending to dispense and sexually savage my Devil Queen.

I enter the perfectly lit master suite illuminated with strategically placed candles. Lilith has shape-shifted into a most alluring enchantingly erotic female humanoid.

Her deep red lips drip with the blood of her bygone victims. She uses it on special occasions. Lilith knows my likes.

I position myself behind my Queen blindfolding the siren. I possess a sixth sense as to when my Domina needs to be dominated.

“I’ve missed you,” I whisper while licking behind her ear.

“I can’t see you,” she gasps. Oh, but I feel your manhood pulsating against my back. Do with me as you please tonight. Your Queen is but a willing sexual servant to your every sinful thought.”

Lilith grinds her ample backside into my crotch. I pull my satanic servant’s long locks forcing her chin up and exposing her long supple neck. I now take the opportunity to lick, suck, and bite until blood trickles between her perky breast.

Drawing blood is such a turn-on now.

My free hand rubs her tight tummy and then slides under the heretic’s panties to her wetness. She moans and…



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