Dark Angel In The Hood

Erotic Fantasy Fiction

4 min readNov 23, 2023


I arrive with my Dark Angel at the Whitesides Trailer Park just before midnight. My drug crew of homeboys straight from Ledbetter Road are called to meet at the Trap House to satisfy my Succubus Queen.

Lilith must feed on semen for her very existence. I offer a nice reliable source, however, she needs more. In order to avoid my Love wandering the streets to feed. I came up with the idea for a fresh source of willing semen. The big black johnsons of my homeboys.

Bubba, my right-hand man, has given them the heads-up. I will be bringing a piece of Euro-ass for them to fuck and get sucked off.

The fellas are in full gangsta mode, drinking, drugging, and thugging as rap music blasts throughout the space.

Lilith has the innate ability to be what any man desires. In this case, what a bunch of black dudes require. Although she is a few hundred years old, my Queen shapeshifts into a 25-year-old Beyonce-type redbone extraordinaire.

I walk in and they all cheer giving fist bumps and hugs as if I’m a returning war hero. In many ways, I am a hero in their minds since I gave them all jobs.

They make more money each week than most citizens make in two months at the local mills. All be it from illegal activity and being a part of a criminal organization.

But I digress.

“Kade, where is the Euro piece of ass,” Finn asks.

“Patience grasshopper. First things first. I’m no longer Kade. I have changed my name to Opius.”

“I feel you dawg. Like Ali changed his name by ditching the slave name,” Bubba says.

“Exactly my friend. Now big Shotie, put in some Destiny’s Child.”

The music begins to play and Lilith enters the trailer. The boys are hooping and hollering.

My Queen wears a leopard print bikini with matching six-inch stilettos. Her erotic movements have everyone mesmerized.

The Succubus grinds her bouncy booty on all six of the homies and once she peers deep into their eyes, each sheds his clothing.

With their dicks in hand she climbs on the bar twerking her fabulous fannie. Lilith pops…



Timothy Kincaid

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