Defeating The Duke Blue Devils


Timothy Kincaid
5 min readDec 16, 2021


This happened to me some 30 years ago while playing guard for the Clemson Tiger basketball team. Hope you enjoy it, even if you love the Blue Devils.

The Cameron crazies are in rare form. We have to suit up one of our team managers because they suspended seven of us because of The Study Hall Fiasco.

What made it doubly embarrassing is that we all had to sit on the bench in street clothes. My sister said she watched us on TV.

All of us would cross our legs and uncross them and put our hands under our chins as if it choreographed. It was not, thank you very much, sissy.

As the massacre ends, we are all walking off the court. I see this older middle-aged guy walk up to the Chief (our coach). He says some words I couldn’t decipher, but what he did next will haunt me forever.

He spit in the Chief’s face. It was one of the Duke’s players’ dads. The Chief walks in the locker room without wiping it off.

“This is what they think of you. You’re nothing more than someone to spit on.” He said.

The passion in his voice and the tears in his eyes would set the scene for the annihilation of this arrogant regime. The so-called Blue Devil Nation will rue the day they spit in our Chief’s face.

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The Duke Blue Devils like their crosstown rivals the North Carolina Tar Heels are college basketball royalty. I love and respect both programs over the years. I am the rare fan that appreciates both their sustained greatness.

Please understand, as a warrior, a soldier in the middle of a battle for our manhood. I only dreamed about the destruction of those Nazi blue-eyed Devils.

The dookies are a team of perfectly shaven pretty boys, a mix of both black and white players whom I hated equally. They had to know revenge was in the air.

I’m biased, but there is no better gym in the country to play a big game than Littlejohn. It’s the perfect size, about 13,000 to 15,000…



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