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A Virgin Touch

Demonic Desires


I aimlessly wander about the cobblestone streets of downtown Annapolis, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC, crestfallen after finding out about an unholy elicit affair by my Dark Angel.

The knowledge of Lilith secretly visiting the Whitesides Trailer Park to fuck and suck my homies has me heartbroken.

I understand she must feed but not without her partner in lust, Me, her Incubi sidekick. My job is to supply and fill her insatiable sexual coffers. Why must she venture alone without me?

I’ve disappeared without her knowledge and gone back to a place we once visited. Where I feel what some would say is a kindred spirit. The place is Washington, DC, the capital of the United States and arguably the most powerful city on the face of the earth.

Lilith is my everything, my creator, my lover, my twin flame. It’s now been a month since I last tasted her wetness. She loses track of time and space when the sinful satist is in the eye of the sexual storm she creates.

I’ve grown weary of the average for I now search for something truly unique in this modern world. An adult feminine virgin. After spending years feeding on the womanly fluids of countless Sluts, Whores, Pawgs, and Milfs, my palate is left unfulfilled.

I have craved the feminine fluids of a holy virgin every second since my rebirth. Each night I pray to my hedonistic father. Please deliver her to me. If Satan blesses me with such a humanoid, she will be my bride. Lilith, my succubi queen be damned.

I entered the crowded downtown bar when she bumped my shoulder. My loins immediately shutter, feeling for the first time the effects a virgin has on a demonic deviant.

I follow the head of this innocent soul to the long line outside the women’s restroom. When I touch her hand, an orgasmic wave flows through my body, stirring every sexual sensation.

“Excuse me, I would like to apologize for bumping into you,” I said.

When she looks into the black eyes of evil, my face shifts into her idyllic male specimen. One that she is unable to resist. A man she has been waiting for to fulfill her every fantasy.



Timothy Kincaid

Top Writer Erotic & Romantic Fiction/Former Hoops Star & Current Hood Legend/Link My Amazon Kindle Author Page