The Truth About Destiny

The beautiful ones hurt you every time.

Timothy Kincaid


Destiny and I would meet almost every night in the summer, the only thing that would keep us apart; Mother Nature. The summer storms would turn my dirt court into a muddy mess.

A few times I would shoot my free throws waiting for her to come, but she was a no-show. She would apologize profusely.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t hold my eyes open and when I awoke it was daylight.” She says.

“I understand but it’s so lonely out here without you. I kept shooting hoping you would come. I was so distracted I could never sink more than 30 in a row.”

“Aww that’s so sweet. 30 will be our number, tonight let’s take a break from basketball. To make up for my neglect I have 30 sweet kisses just for you. I will be right back.”

This would be the first time my first love basketball will take a back seat to a beautiful female humanoid. She went into her uncle’s apartment and changed out of her pajamas into a white shorty short romper.

Destiny is too cute for words carrying a big red and black blanket. We laid it on the grass beside the vacant end unit and sat Indian style facing one another.

She let her hair down, her silky locks fell to her shoulders. The star-filled night illuminated her angelic countenance. Her green eyes stared so deep into my eyes she had me hypnotized.

When her soft dainty fingers held my face, we began to kiss with lips only. Then instinctively she gives me her tongue. Destiny tastes like fresh peppermints. I gave her mine. We kissed for hours.

She was on top of me kissing. I was on top of her and we kissed each other’s neck, arms, hands, cheeks and forehead. As the sun began to rise I knew I had to go.

My parents would be up soon for work. Destiny didn’t have that problem because her uncle was out of town driving a truck and her auntie sleeps in.

Before we exit my Love speaks:

“I will be out of town for a few weeks, but I will be back at the start of school. Save those lips for me only, she says.”

“Okay you promise you’ll be back,” I pleaded.



Timothy Kincaid

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